Smoking herbs natural
Smoking herbs natural organic
Smoking herbs natural organic

Lit Herbal Blends - Glow by Joyclub

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Glow is an organic herbal blend that’s been crafted to uplift.

Sip. Soak. Smoke.

A beautiful and natural way to connect with yourself and the world around. Make tea, soak in a bath or smoke a roll. This can be used as an alternative to tobacco, or to mellow out your bud – elevate the moment.

The use of smoking herbs is an ancient practice that can ease your mind, relax your bod and boost your mood. Slow down. Find your rhythm. Smoke with mindfulness, intention and gratefulness 


  • Sage: Used in ancient ceremony for smudging, sage is known to increase clarity and awareness, improve mood and enhance the memory and senses. It brings a pleasant aroma and body to a smoke session.
  • Rose: Fragrant, sensual and beautiful – rose uplifts and restores. These petals have been used medicinally for centuries. With healing properties that are gently anti-depressant, aphrodisiac and anti-inflammatory.
  • Spearmint – This cool mint flavour will enliven your session whilst stimulating blood flow and opening the lungs. You’ll feel more awake, alive and uplifted. Spearmint can also aid digestion, nausea, tension headaches and congestion.
  • Mullein: A lung-friendly herb, traditionally mullein has been used medicinally for cleansing and repairing the lungs. It works to rejuvenate lung complaints such as coughs, reducing inflammation and buildup from the negative effects of tobacco. Mullein produces a light smoke and acts as a great base to herbal blends by carrying other flavours. 

Including a natural 2-way humidy control sachet. If needed, soften and freshen up the herbs using a fine spritz of water.

Reusable glass jar with easy peel-off sticker and a natural bamboo lid. Size 6 x 8 cm.

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Simon D.
New Zealand New Zealand
Excellent product

The blend tastes awesome, I really enjoy the hits of spearmint throughout the roll but not overpowering. Great customer service 100% recommend trying it out